Tapio Soukka 2002 in his studio in Turku, Finland

Artist Tapio Soukka was born 9. of february 1921 in Koivisto, Finland. His father was a pilot (sea captain) Anton Johannes Soukka and mother Hellä Olga Soukka, née Heino. The family name Soukka originates from the name of their home island.

At the age of 16 Tapio Soukka became a sailor, which was a family tradition for men. He sailed almost twenty years, mostly abroad in America, Africa and Europe. In 1956 he was forced to become a "landlubber" because of his hearth disease. After that his hobby of oil painting gradually became a profession.

In 1960 was the first time when his oil paintings participated in an art exhibition in his hometown Turku. Since then he participated several jury art exhibitions of the Finnish Artists Association, the Turku Art Association, the Finnish Art Association and the Union of Finnish Artists Association and also group and private exhibitions both in Finland and

abroad. He was a member of the Turku Art Association from 1964 and also a member of its government (1966–1967) and an auditor (1968–1980). He was accepted the Finnish Artist Register from the year 1972. Only the Register accepted artists were considered true professional artists especially those days. Most part of Tapio Soukka´s work of art is abstract oil paintings. In the 1960´s he himself said his style is abstract surrealism, but of course during years and decades there were many styles. He also painted sea, ship and landscape themes. Also he made a few sculptures.

He was married twice and had two children. 1. wife was Lempi Sirkka, née Vaari (1926–?), with whom the daughter Sirkka Kaarina (1947–2014). 2. wife was Lahja Helena, née Kuoppamäki (1927–2015), with whom the son Tarmo Kullervo (1952–).

Tapio Soukka retired in 1990, when he made his last paintings. He passed away at the age of 83 in Turku 24. of july 2004.

These pages contain only a few Tapio Soukka´s paintings. More paintings you can see here >

More information: Tarmo Soukka tel.+358 40 503 1065, tarmoksoukka(at)gmail.com

vuonna 1952 vuonna 1970 vuonna 1990

Left Tapio Soukka with his family in the year 1952, middle in the year 1970 in his studio and right 1990.

vuonna 1964vuonna 1971vuonna 1987

Left Tapio and Willpower painting 1964, middle 1971 with "the horse of log" and right 1987 grandson Tatu 6 months.